If you’ve been sleeping at the wheel…IT’S TIME TO WAKE THE #^%* UP!!

Fasten Your Seatbelts…We Are In For A Cosmic Ride For The Next Few Months!!!

Astrology helps us remember WHO we are, WHY we are here and WHERE we came from.  The Stars this week act as an ambush to bring our awareness back to ourselves, our purpose and how our past (memories, patterns, karma) can be creating obstacles on our Destined Path. 

It is not just you, yes, there is a lot going on energetically and it can feel overwhelming and out of control. Our Annual Leo Full Moon is smiling (probably laughing) with all the Dramatic support it is getting from the Universe this month.  Yes, things feel, and are accelerated. Know that this acceleration is going to pick up speed in the next couple of weeks. Challenges, Opportunities & the Unexpected are coming at us at high speed. Speed brings up fear, (unless you are a triple Aries and thrive on adrenaline). The most important task for us all right now, is to ACCESS OUR COURAGE! Courage allows us to move into Love and away from Fear. When we make choices based on Fear, we will find ourselves experiencing “fearful” outcomes… called Fate.  When choosing from the Heart, from Love, we find ourselves experiencing Destiny. 

What helps us find our Courage? … A Leo Full Moon of course!

A Leo Full Moon encourages us to find our Heart, and our Soul during challenging times. This week’s Leo Full Moon reminds us of the Power of the Heart and making choices from Love rather than Fear. Full Moons bring Light into that which is hidden, they are truth revealing. When we lead with our Hearts we are aligned with a Truth found in both the Physical & Spiritual Laws of the Universe. In other words, we feel more balanced living in both our Human and Spiritual Nature. ~Simple ways to connect more strongly with your Heart energy; gratitude, breath-work, heart opening yoga, creative activities, playing, being in Nature. 

As I mentioned, we have a plethora of Cosmic Drama going on this week. Pluto is connecting with this Moon ensuring that we see our shadow and where we need to GROW UP. Are there old, unresolved emotions coming to the surface? Know that you are connecting with Fear and/or your unresolved past if you are experiencing helplessness, jealousy, disappointments, dissatisfaction and a need for control.  I assure you that over the next few months there is a great deal of support from the Universe in making strides in Personal Growth and Healing. Do not hesitate to reach out to your support network (Therapists, Coaches, Counselors, Healers). Wednesday’s Full Moon also meets the Moon’s Lunar Nodes (Karmic Axis) at a 90 degree angle creating a T-square, marking the half-way point between the Eclipses. Squares indicate “turning points”.  We are now at a major Karmic turning point on our journey.  

  • What seeds were planted during last Eclipse set (Nov. 19 & Dec. 3)?
  • Where would you like to be by next set of Eclipses (Apr. 30 & May 15)? 
  • Have you been holding back, hesitant, lethargic… feeling defeated? 
  • What needs to change? What needs to be cleared?
  • What action steps can you make toward your goals, dreams, desires?

Just 2 hours before the Full Moon, Venus & Mars meet at an exact conjunction (same position).  This transit happens approximately every 2 years. All conjunctions mark a New Cycle and New Beginnings. These 2 Planets together remind us to balance our Masculine & Feminine energy.  It may feel a little bumpy, but it may be the bumps you need to wake up, gain clarity and confidence to express yourself and needs. It’s like suddenly you decide to no longer stand in the sidelines.  This transit can give us the fighting energy we need to fight for ourselves.  

 Power struggles lead to Empowerment…as long as you don’t get Stuck in the Struggle!

The Leo Full Moon along with the Cosmic Forces in the Stars this week call us to be Honest with WHO WE ARE and to be more Compassionate with ourselves. We are being Guided to experience a greater Attunement to our Soul & Spirit and to access our Courage, Living our Life with greater Loyalty to our Soul!

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.  

GANDHI (Leo Moon)

Ignorance, hate and fear are being peddled to divide us…let’s find the middle

“Ignorance, hate and fear are being peddled to divide us.

They say we want to disband police departments (and that we hate the police): we don’t, that’s a lie. We want to weed out racism and unnecessary police brutality and for those who abuse their power to be held accountable.

They say we want to release all prisoners: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want to weed out racism and ensure the punishments match the crimes and to do away with private prisons.

They say we want open borders: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want asylum seekers to be given their chance to seek asylum. We want to help people who are coming from unimaginable terror and poverty help to give them the chances we have. We want to ensure children aren’t separated from their parents and that nobody is kept in cages. But we do want proper vetting.

They say we want to take away your guns: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want logical gun control to help prevent mass shootings.

They say we want to wage a war on Christianity and Christian values: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want people of all religions to be able to practice and worship freely.

They say we want to get everything for free: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want to work hard and make sure that healthcare and education are affordable for all.

They say we want a war against traditional marriage: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want people of all sexual orientations to be able to love freely, no matter who you love.

They say we want to destroy or rewrite history: we don’t, that’s a lie. We want to recognize the ugly parts of our past and do everything we can to say “that’s not okay, let’s not honor those aggressors, let’s not let those things happen again.”

They say we want to take away your constitutional rights: we don’t, that’s a lie. We choose to believe science and wear masks and try to prevent the spread of this disease.

They say we hate America: we don’t, that’s a lie. We just recognize our faults and want us to do better, be better.

Stop with the us vs. them. Stop with the straw man arguments. Stop with the fake news. Stop with fox news. Our position is one of empathy, compassion and logic.

Stop believing the hype. Stop with the division. Just because we want equality for all doesn’t mean we want to take anything away from you.”

–Unknown Author that writes what my soul knows to be true. 🥰

Have a lovely day!